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Introduction to Adaptive Cards

Adaptive Cards

Some time ago a customer asked me about a more effective user experience when approving tasks in workflows. The reason was that a manager, who was always involved at some time, was on the position, that if he is just sent an e-mail with approval request, this e-mail is going to simply get lost in his inbox and therefore he wouldn’t be able to respond. On the other hand he is using Microsoft Teams often, so asked if he can be notified about a task approval via that app.


Nintex Foxtrot RPA – review

Nintex Foxtrot RPA

On March 4, Nintex announced that it has finalized acquisition of the EnableSoft company. The company behind the Foxtrot suite. Starting then RPA (Roboting Process Automation) software became part of Nintex products, somehow completing the gap between business processes in the cloud and those being done on users’ computers “locally”.


Microsoft Forms Pro – personalization

Microsoft Forms Pro

In my previous post I have presented in details how the new Forms Pro differs from its older brother – Forms. Since then, having the possibility to play around with the new product, I would like now to describe you it’s outstanding feature – option for personalization.


SharePoint Warsaw 2019 recap – organizer PoV

The SPS Warsaw 2019 is over. It was held on 6th of April 2019 in Warsaw, Centrum Prasowe Foksal (Foksal Press Center). Event was planned for nearly 200 attendees, from which we had a pleasure to host over 100. It was my first time organizing this kind of event, although not the first, when speaking of conferences. And for sure not the last. However it was very special to me. Why?


Microsoft Forms Pro – review

Microsoft Forms Pro

Microsoft Forms application has been in Office 365 for quite a time. As soon as it was made available to commercial tenants, I made a post in which I reviewed the product and compared it to Google Forms. Almost two years have passed and we have a new product – Microsoft Forms in the Pro version. What is that? Read on!


Discovering suspended workflows with Microsoft Flow

In my daily work over business processes in Office 365, specifically in SharePoint Online, one thing annoys me the most – namely the lack of mechanisms to inform me that the workflow has hung up – that it is in a “Suspended” state.

The solution for that issue is not provided by Microsoft or Nintex – the company with which products I have been working for a quite long time. There are only workarounds, but they are inadequate, and I wanted to be able to react proactively and not reactively to any flow suspension event.


Importing PowerApps package as a SharePoint list form


The functionality in PowerApps allowing to export an application and then import it in a different environment or to migrate it this way to your customer’s tenant is known. However this works like a charm when talking about standalone apps. Is it possible to import a list form made in PowerApps as well? Yes! Maybe not very straightforward, but yes.


Multiple parallel tasks pattern for Nintex Workflow


Requirement where a designer has create a workflow assigning multiple parallel tasks to multiple parallel groups of approvers is complex.

Basically, Nintex offers us two approaches: either assign task to a group and wait for the first response or to wait for all responses. But what when we need to have multiple groups assigned a task in parallel?