Tomasz Poszytek


I’m Tomasz Poszytek, Microsoft Business Applications MVP. From more than 10 years now I’m being involved in projects, which aim is production of various applications using SharePoint as a platform. My adventure started absolutely without a purpose, when in the beginning of 2000 I was given FrontPage installation disc and started experimenting with this WYSWIG tool.  

After a longer break (secondary school, studies) I started (again unwittingly πŸ™‚ ) my professional journey with Microsoft SharePoint (2007 version) and… so the story goes πŸ™‚  Currently I’m focusing on self development in “cloud” area, where I’m trying to get acquainted with Office 365 features and applications. I’m professionally and personally very much interested in automation of processes, digital transformation, digital workplaces and all tools that helps employees in that area.

I gained experience in systems’ integrators, being a part of a project team delivering both intranets and corporate portals, as well as dedicated, having specific purpose, business applications, usually in a role of a business/ system analyst, consultant (sometimes project manager), agreeing wholeheartedly that the “no-code” (using only what platform gives OOTB, or by using 3rd party applications, but avoiding custom development) solutions are the best.

Today I am mainly focusing on working with Power Platform tools, delivering automation projects in Power Automate and Microsoft RPA. I am also building business applications using Power Apps and building data visualizations with Power Bi (although this is not something I really feel strong in :)). For over 4 years Office 365 is a platform for nearly all the projects I am working in, SharePoint Online is usually a datasource however I was also building solutions with SQL Server and Common Data Service (CDS).

I am also a very active community member, writing blog posts, recording YouTube videos, speaking at variety of international conferences and meetups and contributing to the community whichever way possible. Thanks to all my activities Microsoft has awarded me in 2019 with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title in Business Application category.

Tomasz Poszytek Nintex Virtual Technical Evangelist
Nintex Certified Partner

For couple of years now I’m also working with the platform for processes automation – Nintex. I’m also the Nintex Certified Partner and Nintex Virtual Technical Evangelist (Nintex vTE). Using Nintex I successfully compile and implement business processes, as well as HR, IT and financial.

Feel free to contact me and best regards,

Tomasz Poszytek