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Presentations that were shown during the SPS Warsaw 2019 event are available to download below:

  1. Patrick Guimonet, Mobility with Office 365 from tools and usages to business value
  2. Michał Guzowski, Don’t waste time for silly things – automate!
  3. Robert Mulsow, SharePoint 2019 – What’s new
  4. Rick Van Rousselt, MS Teams from a developer’s perspective
  5. Marijn Somers, Teams etiquette
  6. Piotr Siatka, Introduce modern to your classic projects
  7. Maarten Eekels, Teams Architecture Deep Dive
  8. Joëlle Ruelle & Gilles Pommier, Deploy your wings for a smooth migration to Office365
  9. Simon Ågren, Guest management with the Power Platform & the Microsoft Graph (file | slideshare)
  10. Thomas Gölles, Conversational AI applications in Microsoft Teams
  11. Giuliano De Luca, Microsoft Graph API like a rockstar (file | post)
  12. Luise Freese, How to inspire users to unstick from e-mail
  13. More soon!

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