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  • Now is the time for Citizen Developers
    Having the opportunity to attend couple of conferences, meetups and even organizing one I found myself in a doubt regarding the meaning of the terms that are being used to name specific types’ of users/ attendees and therefore tracks. Today we have such names as “Citizen Developer”, “IT Pro”, “Power User”. What do they mean? This post however is going to be much deeper analysis of the modern profiles of employees and tools they are using. I really tried to read what was available to get more familiar and to understand better who is who. During gathering of the content I also did my own survey to get even more insights about the today’s role of Citizen Development, it’s reach…
  • Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent
    I wasn’t aware that Microsoft has built a solution, that simply allows any Power User to create their own, very functional conversational bot. I was always thinking, that creation of bots requires programming knowledge and therefore somehow is out of my radar, but it turns out I was wrong.
  • Adaptive Cards showcase
    This post is related to a screencast I’ve made recently. It describes how the Flow, used by the solution, is built in details. Have fun watching and learning how it is made. This post is also part of the sequel I am writing about “Adaptive Cards“.
  • Microsoft Adaptive Cards – the ultimate guide
    This post is a third part of the series about Adaptive Cards technology. It is entirely dedicated to what the technology is about, how it works and how can be used in your solutions. If you are interested in the history of the concept, please open the first part from the series here.
  • Microsoft Message Cards – the ultimate guide
    In the first part of the series I wrote a general overview of Message and Adaptive Cards, their brief history and purpose. This part is focused only on Message Cards – the technology from which it all begun and that is still available to use although recommendation is to move to Adaptive Cards.